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Really Good Petit Brownies, Unfrosted w/ Walnuts | 巧克力核桃布朗尼 (原味)
RMB 120 / 24 pieces

Quantity:       24 pieces
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Dense, moist, rich, chocolatey and with a sprinkling of walnuts - the way a brownie should be. These brownies are small in size but big in taste, so they are perfect for sharing. Each brownie is about 20 grams (3 cm X 4 cm X 2.5 cm).
湿软、有弹性、浓郁、巧克力味十足 —— 这就是正宗的布朗尼。如果你喜欢脆脆的口感,那么选这款加了碎核桃的布朗尼一定不会后悔!包含24块迷你布朗尼块,每块约20克,3 cm X 4 cm X 2.5 cm。最适和与大家分享。如果不需要核桃,请备注说明。
Cake Base Type: brownie Frosting Type: None
Decoration Type: chopped walnuts Sweetness Level(0 lowest-5 highest): 2
Size: 3 cm X 4 cm X 2.5 cm Suggested Serving Size: 1 kid per mini brownie
Storage Rec: Keep refrigerated for up to one week. Keep in freezer for up to one month. 冰箱冷藏可保存1周,冷冻可保存1个月。
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