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Less Sweet Vanilla Buttercream | 减糖香草奶油霜
RMB 40 / dozen 打

Quantity:       dozen 打
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Over the years we have received some feedback that our American buttercream frosting is too sweet for the Asian palate. We have resisted changing our frosting recipe because we want to stay true to our American roots. To welcome those with a more moderate sweet tooth, we are now offering a less sweet frosting alternative with reduced sugar. Rest assured, we use the same premium ingredients as always . By selecting this option, one dozen of the cupcakes in your order will be frosted with Less Sweet Buttercream frosting unless you instruct otherwise under the "Special Instructions" section of the order process. If you are ordering more than one dozen cupcakes and want more than one dozen to have the Swiss buttercream frosting, you will need to order more than one unit of this selection.
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