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Bran & Oats Muffin | 麦麸葡萄干麦芬
RMB 160 / dozen

Quantity:       dozen
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Wholesome, lightly sweetened with a sprinkling of raisins, this muffin appeals to moms and kids alike. Each muffin is generously sized and weighs approximately 110 grams. They freeze well and taste almost fresh-baked when reheated.
Cake Base Type: muffin Frosting Type: None
Decoration Type: Sweetness Level(0 lowest-5 highest): 1
Size: 110 g per muffin Suggested Serving Size: 1 adult per muffin
Storage Rec: Keep refrigerated for up to one week. Keep in freezer for up to one month. 冰箱冷藏可保存1周,冷冻可保存1个月。
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